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WoodHaven is a site created by several of the former members of

LINK: WoodHaven

Reason for creatingEdit

One of the main reasons for creating WoodHaven was to give the former members of Punchwood a place to chat that was more like a forum (instead of using Reddit); many people complained that Reddit did not offer them signatures, easy post organization, and topic finding the same way that a proper forum did.

The Moderating TeamEdit

Many of the moderators of WoodHaven are similar to those of Punchwood:

Head AdministratorEdit

  • SoulFox -- a young woman who created the site, and sometimes makes Minecraft videos.


  • derTroll -- the husband of BonePen (who was know for creating Paul's thumbnail).


  • muttjunior -- the new name of BillyBoy64, who hasn't changed all that much since the days of Punchwood.
  • nogirhi -- also has an account on the wiki, although he's not very active there.


WoodHaven was closed in August of 2016, as Nogirhi made his own forum. This forum was called "Haven Station" and can be found here:

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