Write the first paragraph of your page here.there is 6 youtuber survival games paul competed in sadly only two

Section headingthe beginningEdit

Write the first section of your page here.In the first one paul came third killing pbat only with ant killing him the first tribute who died was seamus following by syn luclin ihascupquake seananers chim pbat lydia sly then paul died then captainsparklez and antvenom won in the second one paul came third again with him killing pbat again and being killed by ant and ant won

Section heading the actionEdit

Write the second section  of your page here.paul coudnt compete in the third one but wanted anyone to win but ant but ant won in the fourth one topmass won in the fith one captainsparklez one they had a team round with mitch winning in it in the sixth one dan one in the team round sky won

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